Dec 15, 2010

Wedding Reviews: 13:13 Photography A+

Photography was my high-priority/#1 focus/super-important check on my to-do list. I must have done a month’s worth of research on photographers in Miami, and there were some that I absolutely loved (aka this one, this one, and this one!). The quality of photographers out there is amazing. But I was really looking for something different, yet I didn’t really know what exactly I was looking for… (I’m complicated, I know) …until a Knottie posted about a new-to-Miami photography team called 13:13 Photography. I clicked on their blog, and I was smitten! This is the first wedding that I saw on their blog and it was love at first sight—I want 13:13! I was able to get Ashley (half of the hubby & wifey team) to meet me at the venue so that she can see what the place looked like and get inspired, which I totally think she did. After chatting with her for a while (and playing with her adorable baby daughter) I was ready to book!

We had a fun engagement shoot and the pictures came out better than I would ever expect—she’s so good! So there was no doubt in our minds that the wedding photos would be just as amazing.

The day of the wedding, both Ashley & Phillip arrived at our hotel on time and started snapping pics right away. Somehow they were able to get all my personal things together to photograph while I was getting my hair and makeup done. Phillip headed out a little earlier to shoot the guys at the church while Ashley stayed behind and finished shooting me with my bridesmaids. The rest of the day was smooth sailing! We had fun with them; they were never in the way, yet they were all over the place the whole night! How that’s possible, I have no idea! Here are the pictures posted on the blog.

I recommend 13:13 Photography to everyone! Their prices are extremely reasonable, their customer service is impeccable, and their quality of work is out of this world! They got back to my zillions of e-mails immediately and answered all of my ridiculous questions with no problem. They gave me ideas and helped me plan out a shoot schedule. They have a special artistic talent that is very unique, and if these are the things that you’re looking for, book them ASAP! I’m sure their available weekends for 2011 and beyond will be filling up pretty quickly!

P.S. They sent us the cutest Christmas card in the mail yesterday. There they are with their daughter and 5 puppies! How cute are they?!

Double P.S. They are so creative with their marketing and packaging--and that's soooo my style. Check out how beautifully the CD of photos arrived at my house today. Makes me feel so special that they gave us a hand-written note and put so much extra time into my little gift!


  1. their packaging is seriously out of control cute! i think that marketing and extra attentions to clients are what make a vendor different and THAT much better than other's. yay for the first review!!!! ive been waiting for it :)i <3 13:13!

  2. Nice photography... Their packages are so delightful.. I will sure consider them for any upcoming event! Can you show me some Wedding Dress photography?


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