Dec 16, 2010

Wedding Reviews: Ubi's Music and Bode Music Services, A+

Our wedding was a non-stop party thanks to our DJ! We booked our DJ services with Ubi's Music. After meeting with a couple of other DJ's, we realized that Ubi and his team are truly unique these days. It seems that DJ's nowadays prefer you to give them a complete playlist of all the songs you want played for the 4 whole hours, and someone just sets up the equipment and presses PLAY. With Ubi, you can send him a short list of about 20 songs and they just run with it. Now THAT'S what we were looking for in a DJ! Ubi was very accommodating and responded to our e-mails and questions right away, but he did let us know that he would most probably not be our DJ and he would match us with one of his contracted DJs that he thought would fit our party style and venue best. This made me a little nervous because we never got to meet the DJ until the night of the wedding...

...which leads me to review DJ Luis Bode from Bode Music Services. What a relief! Luis was extremely professional and so much fun! I felt like we've known him forever. Ubi was right--he was the perfect fit! He got that party started and kept it going all night! He made us feel at ease (with his awesome voice LOL!) and it was just fun to party with him. People are still talking about how great he was! Can't wait to run into him at another function!

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