Dec 15, 2010

Wedding Reviews: The Knot

To all you brides-to-be out there who are dying for some personal reviews of Miami wedding vendors like I was last year, Christmas has come early! I’m now ready to share all my feedback and hopefully it will help you for your future wedding!

I’ll start with The Knot

I confess—I had become a member of The Knot before I became engaged. (You have to sign up just to look at the pretty pictures, I swear!) But once I became engaged, a bride-to-be friend of mine told me about the South Florida Message Boards. It was then when I officially became a “Knottie”. You create a profile where you can be as detailed or as vague as you want about your relationship and your wedding, and you go through posts and posts of other Knotties asking for advice, giving advice, sharing vendor information, and sometimes just ranting or raving about NWR (non-wedding-related) topics. At first, I could barely understand these posts. It was as if they were written in some kind of weird secret language with tons of abbreviations. But after reading the vocab list (yes, they have one!) I got familiarized pretty quickly. It was all downhill from there—you become OBSESSED with reading Knottie posts. I warn you, it’s very addicting. I was mostly a “lurker” (someone who habitually just reads the posts but doesn’t post too often themselves). I did give my input as much as I could, but they just seemed to know so much more than me. Thanks to the Knotties, I was able to book most of my wedding vendors based on their referrals and I owe them so much!

I also sorta met my wedding partner-in-crime on The Knot. Someone posted asking if anyone has the BOA Tower as their venue, and we both answered. We got so excited because it’s a little rare for people to get married at the BOA, so we starting sharing all of our details with each other and we became Wedding Besties! We updated each other on “checks” (items on the things-to-do checklist) every day, and ended up finding out we have a ton of things in common besides being just “venue twins”: we have the same name, we live really close by, our weddings were only 6 days apart, and so much more. It’s funny I know, but I’m grateful for her!

Go ahead, try it. Become a Knottie. Don’t be shy. Ask questions, they answer you really quickly. Read their opinions and you'll love them. What better way to get honest opinions, than from those just like you scouring the wedding market!


  1. awwww melz!!! your so sweeet :)
    venue twins for life haha <3

  2. I remember being SO OBSESSED with the Knot. I was a lurker , too. And it helped me a lot. :)

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