Jan 26, 2015

My DIY Try: Card Collector

Do you keep your birthday cards each year and store them away in plastic tubs so that you can look back at them one day and reminisce? I don't. I usually threw the important-to-me ones into a scrapbook back in the day, and I kept all my wedding cards, but besides that, I just don't like the potential of accumulated junk. That's until Baby Livi came into the picture... I've now become a giant sap! I couldn't bear throwing away all the cute cards from the baby shower, her first birthday and her baptism. I got an idea from Pinterest that made me feel a little better about admitting my pack-rat tendencies, and after I saw a buddy of mine try it out for her wedding cards, I was inspired! Oh Pinterest, you're the smartest!

DIY Card Book

It's sooo easy and keeps the cards contained and easy to flip through in 20 years when she'll finally appreciate the cute stuff you did for her! Ha!

All I did was punch holes on the side of each card (I used my office 2-hole puncher), clip them together with binder rings (I got mine at Target), add a cute cover page (matched with the theme of the events), and tie them together with a ribbon! I also included the baby shower, birthday party, and baptism invitations too.

Here's the wedding card book my buddy made. She used her wedding colors and added an envelope in the back for misc small items!

And other creative ideas I found on Pinterest!

Jan 5, 2015

Marsala: 2015 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone released the 2015 color of the year and although it's close to my least favorite color in the world {maroon, bleh} it's still a different shade and I'll be open :) Ok, I like maroon too but only when it's called Burgundy or Oxblood. Maroon just reminds me of someone I know who would only wear that color and it just drove me nuts and now I cringe at that word.

Marsala is a lighter hue and so far I can see it being a really pretty nail color or lip color! {Mmm...and I love me some Marsala chicken!} But other than that, I can't really picture greatness with it in decor or fashion.

The Pantone site has tons of info on the color, why it was chosen this year, and what colors pair well with it. Check it out here.

Jan 4, 2015

Some love for BeeswaxBuzz

My heart is happy :) A customer made my day today by sending me photos of how they used my custom Mommy to Bee banner and favor cards at the baby shower they planned! It looks adorable! Hope your Mommy to Bee and guests enjoyed them!

Jan 1, 2015

2 0 1 5

Let's do this! The new year is here and it's time to get those resolutions going! I got a couple of goals set for myself for this year and I'm determined to make them happen. And there's nothing more helpful than my new handy-dandy Life Planner from Erin Condren.

I owe a BIG thanks to my cuz for introducing me to it. Like most creative neat freaks (oxymoron, I know) I am extremely picky about my planners. They need to meet certain criteria and it's always been really hard to find planners that have everything I need:

  • Weekly pages with lots of note space
  • Large-ish in size--9 in. is ideal
  • Pockets to store bills, prescriptions, invites and random notes
  • Tabs for months--color-coded if possible :)
  • To-Do space for each week
  • MUST. BE. CUTE. I carry it everywhere I go.
  • A pen or slot for my pen
  • A bookmark for easy access to current week
  • Meal plan notes section
  • Event stickers (Birthday, Dr. appts. Hair appts. etc.)

I know what you're thinking. Who the heck still uses a physical planner book when you have the latest technology on your phone with calendar apps galore!? But I'm just one of those...I need to physically write it down to remember. I like to scratch things off lists and like the option of referring back to them later if I need to. Just let me!

The Life Planner has all my must-haves and it's so cute! You can personalize your cover with tons of design options, and they also offer extras to coordinate. Whitney English's coveted Day Designer was a close runner-up, but they only offered a certain amount at their big launch and the covers I liked sold out before I can get to order on the site! Simplified Planners by Emily Ley are also really nice, but were also sold out.

I can't wait to get my 2015 on! Here are some things I'm looking forward to this year:
  • A bestie's wedding late January
  • A family Disney trip late February
  • Maybe another Disney trip now that Olivia realizes Mickey is a celebrity
  • More date nights
  • Another wedding in August
  • A special 2nd birthday
  • And tons of quality time together to make memories in 2015

Here's wishing you all a productive 2015 as well!

Dec 26, 2014

It's the Hap-Happiest season of all!

Here's a snippet of our best attempt at a family photo for this year's Christmas card shot by Dipp Photography!

And here are some more from Nicky Negrin Portraits!

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas and remember to soak up all the goodness this season brings!

Nov 24, 2014

It's a Tiniciti Thanksgiving Feast!

Last week I had the great honor of planning a Thanksgiving Feast event for the parents and staff of Tiniciti preschool! This was the first professional event I plan and it was the best learning experience I could have asked for. I had a great time creating a theme around Thanksgiving and the children, sourcing props, finding vendors and designing graphics that tied it all together! Here are a few snippets of the event shot by Nicky Negrin Portraits.

Although Thanksgiving is usually a formal event, this was a little different because it was a luncheon and it’s for kids! We expected about 50 children between the ages of 3 months to 4 years old and I knew the focus had to be set on keeping them entertained. Throughout all the designs—from the invitation to the banner—the turkey had personality. The idea was to remind guests with every flyer, e-blast, etc. to catch that turkey! He poked out of every graphic and at the end of the event, the actual turkey showed up and was “caught!” The preschool uses polka dots in their branding so I included them in Fall colors, as well as branded children graphics where I added a Thanksgiving touch.

Using all the designs described above, I also wanted to add a fun, kid-friendly tone in the signage. The tables included centerpieces with funny jokes and rhymes on them, photo-confetti I made from the kids’ Facebook photos, and props for a themed Thanksgiving sit-down feast! There was also a Photo Opp area with a teepee and a basket of props, and the buffet table had cornucopias and pumpkin décor with a branded backdrop banner to tie it all together.

I accidentally came across this restaurant/event space when searching for another event and I fell in love with it! Salt Waterfront Restaurant is a little hidden gem located at the UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, and overlooks beautiful Biscayne Bay. The owner was extremely accommodating with my requests to give the traditional lunch menu a Thanksgiving twist! He put together a delicious menu that included turkey, cranberry & stuffing sandwiches, baked ham & cheese sandwiches, corn bread, mashed potato salad, and more!

I have to have at least one crafting station at every party! The kids got to build their own character balloon for a Thanksgiving Day Parade! They chose a balloon and attached pieces from labeled buckets to create a Turkey, Pilgrim and Native American (or a jumbled combination of the three)! At the end of the event the giant Turkey character surprised the kids and led the parade through the restaurant. We also brought in a Pilgrim for face painting, balloon making, playing games and putting on a magic show!

I couldn’t do any of this without the help of my husband, sister, sisters in law, and best friends—it was a family affair! It was all worth it to see the kids, parents and school staff have a great time.