Feb 27, 2015

Shutterfly Minds My Beeswax!

After reading my post about how much I loved making my pregnancy album, Shutterfly contacted me and asked to share it on their social media outlets! Of course, I was honored! You can now see Mind My Beeswax on Shutterfly’s Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest accounts! So exciting!

Feb 13, 2015

Another Teddy Bears' Picnic Birthday!

I just love when I get photos of our party printables in action! One of BeeswaxBuzz's sweet customers all the way from Melbourne, Australia sent photos of her baby boy's adorable 1st birthday party and she pulled off such a great version of The Teddy Bears' Picnic using our invitations as inspiration! See photos below and follow Beth on instagram @bethlucinda to see more from a creative Melbourne mum!

Feb 12, 2015

Thank You Mrs. Spade

Attention female besties: Awesome birthday gift alert!

Pretty cool huh? My sweet buddy arranged for THE ACTUAL MRS. KATE SPADE to write some best wishes for me on her Style book! I went back into my memory bank recently and remembered that my first Kate Spade purchase was when I was 16 years old! It was a tiny black canvas purse that I loved so so so much and I wore it till it died. {May she RIP}

Since then, Kate Spade has been one of my fave designers ever, and these days her design team is just kicking major polka-dot bows & glitter stripe ass. My latest Kate Spade gifts and purchases have been from their accessories category. Love me some Kate Spade whimsy pops of color!

Feb 10, 2015

My Pregnancy Journal

While on maternity leave {between the late nights and continuous feedings} I got to take care of a lot of tasks from my household to-do list. How you ask? I have not a single clue! But somehow I managed to create a Pregnancy photobook that I had been planning to do since we found out Livi was coming! I searched high and low for cute templates and finally found this Shutterfly version that was PERFECT! It's actually a pregnancy "journal" so there are many page layouts to document all the notes and stages I went through each month of my pregnancy. It was overwhelming at the beginning to get it started and lay out all the pictures I wanted to use, but once I got the hang of it and stuck to a pattern, it was pretty easy!

I made sure to include photos of each month's belly, notes of things I was feeling/craving, photos of when I broke the news to family, photos of my other preggo friends, the Baby Shower, our Babymoon pictures and other tidbits I can look back and read later in life...because we all know pregnancy-brain lasts a really long time! Here are some pages of the book:

I love the way it came out! The designs are modern and there's tons to choose from. I'm now in the market to shop for a "Baby's 1st Year" photo book and might just give Shutterfly's storybook collection another shot!

Feb 6, 2015

Bit by the Organization Bug

Some say the messier the home, the better the parent. This makes me feel so much better about the giant overload of toys spread across my living room at all times of the day, the leaks inside the fridge of Livi's prepared food, and the mounds of laundry that I can't ever get to fold and put away properly. It's just not gonna happen--I'd much rather spend my couple of hours a day with my child than sorting the mail that's been piled up on the counter for weeks. But with the new year, I've promised myself to try to get some organization back into our home for the sake of my sanity! In the beginning of January I made a list of all the areas I want to tackle and have been working on them little by little, one at a time, after Livi goes to bed of course!

The first area on the list was the disastrous gift wrap section of the office closet. Eventually the whole office will get an organized makeover, but in the meantime this area had to be cleaned up. I wish I had a "before" picture--there were ribbons, wrap, bows and cards everywhere! I actually use all of this a lot so I figured a little investment to get it organized is worth it. There are so many options out there and I got tons of ideas from other bloggers, but this little cart was a perfect match! (BTW, I bought it on super-sale!) It's got 12 drawers--the larger bottom ones are for gift bags and tissue paper, the middle ones are for bows and ribbons, and top ones are for scissors, tape, cards and birthday banners. I was able to get the gift wrap rolls to stand up in the corner where I can see them, next to the gift boxes. There's a convenient table-top where the paper cutters and sticker machine will live. And last but not least, the castor wheels will allow me to take it out as often as needed. 

And I even organized my cards in an accordion folder I had laying around!

Ahh so much better!

Jan 26, 2015

My DIY Try: Card Collector

Do you keep your birthday cards each year and store them away in plastic tubs so that you can look back at them one day and reminisce? I don't. I usually threw the important-to-me ones into a scrapbook back in the day, and I kept all my wedding cards, but besides that, I just don't like the potential of accumulated junk. That's until Baby Livi came into the picture... I've now become a giant sap! I couldn't bear throwing away all the cute cards from the baby shower, her first birthday and her baptism. I got an idea from Pinterest that made me feel a little better about admitting my pack-rat tendencies, and after I saw a buddy of mine try it out for her wedding cards, I was inspired! Oh Pinterest, you're the smartest!

DIY Card Book

It's sooo easy and keeps the cards contained and easy to flip through in 20 years when she'll finally appreciate the cute stuff you did for her! Ha!

All I did was punch holes on the side of each card (I used my office 2-hole puncher), clip them together with binder rings (I got mine at Target), add a cute cover page (matched with the theme of the events), and tie them together with a ribbon! I also included the baby shower, birthday party, and baptism invitations too.

Here's the wedding card book my buddy made. She used her wedding colors and added an envelope in the back for misc small items!

And other creative ideas I found on Pinterest!

Jan 5, 2015

Marsala: 2015 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone released the 2015 color of the year and although it's close to my least favorite color in the world {maroon, bleh} it's still a different shade and I'll be open :) Ok, I like maroon too but only when it's called Burgundy or Oxblood. Maroon just reminds me of someone I know who would only wear that color and it just drove me nuts and now I cringe at that word.

Marsala is a lighter hue and so far I can see it being a really pretty nail color or lip color! {Mmm...and I love me some Marsala chicken!} But other than that, I can't really picture greatness with it in decor or fashion.

The Pantone site has tons of info on the color, why it was chosen this year, and what colors pair well with it. Check it out here.