Feb 10, 2015

My Pregnancy Journal

While on maternity leave {between the late nights and continuous feedings} I got to take care of a lot of tasks from my household to-do list. How you ask? I have not a single clue! But somehow I managed to create a Pregnancy photobook that I had been planning to do since we found out Livi was coming! I searched high and low for cute templates and finally found this Shutterfly version that was PERFECT! It's actually a pregnancy "journal" so there are many page layouts to document all the notes and stages I went through each month of my pregnancy. It was overwhelming at the beginning to get it started and lay out all the pictures I wanted to use, but once I got the hang of it and stuck to a pattern, it was pretty easy!

I made sure to include photos of each month's belly, notes of things I was feeling/craving, photos of when I broke the news to family, photos of my other preggo friends, the Baby Shower, our Babymoon pictures and other tidbits I can look back and read later in life...because we all know pregnancy-brain lasts a really long time! Here are some pages of the book:

I love the way it came out! The designs are modern and there's tons to choose from. I'm now in the market to shop for a "Baby's 1st Year" photo book and might just give Shutterfly's storybook collection another shot!

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