Feb 12, 2015

Thank You Mrs. Spade

Attention female besties: Awesome birthday gift alert!

Pretty cool huh? My sweet buddy arranged for THE ACTUAL MRS. KATE SPADE to write some best wishes for me on her Style book! I went back into my memory bank recently and remembered that my first Kate Spade purchase was when I was 16 years old! It was a tiny black canvas purse that I loved so so so much and I wore it till it died. {May she RIP}

Since then, Kate Spade has been one of my fave designers ever, and these days her design team is just kicking major polka-dot bows & glitter stripe ass. My latest Kate Spade gifts and purchases have been from their accessories category. Love me some Kate Spade whimsy pops of color!

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  1. So sad about Kate Spade :( It is nice you got her autograph, there's actually not a lot of those out there.


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