Apr 23, 2012

#10: Check!

Another one crossed off the list! I'm on a roll. #10 on my 30 by 30 list was to visit the local winery here in South Dade and it was better than I ever expected! Schnebly Winery is a little hidden gem deep down in the south of the Redlands. It's beautiful at night with twinkling lights, canopies, and loungy areas. We decided to do the wine tastings this time, and hope to take the winery tour for the next time. We tasted all sorts of wines: lychee, coconut, guava, mango, avocado, and a yummy concoction called Category 3 which is infused with a mix of 3 fruits. Needless to say, a couple of bottles later and we were having the time of our lives! This was a great way to prepare us for our trip to Napa Valley coming up next month. If I thought this winery was nice, I can't begin to imagine what those in Napa will be like!

*Please don't mind my crappy iPhone pics!

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