Apr 15, 2012

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Love is in the air! After celebrating my sister-in-law's wedding last night, all bridal-related things have been on my mind. So when I went to West Elm the other day, the emo in me fell in love with the Moroccan Wedding Blanket. I'm a huge sucker for all custom, meaningful wedding gift items and this is one beautiful gift! And if there is a story tied to it, even sweeter!

Source: westelm.com via Melissa on Pinterest

So, I came home and googled it. Moroccan Wedding Blankets are woven with sheep's wool, cotton, linen, and sequins or metallic embroidery, in anticipation of a wedding by the bride's female family members. It can take weeks to create, and once it's complete, it is used as decoration, provides warmth, wards off evil, and bestows good luck and fertility for the newlyweds. The Moroccan bride wraps the blanket over her head after the wedding on their trip to their new home. How cute is that!?

Thank designer geniuses for bringing this beautiful concept to westerners! These unique wedding blankets (no two are the same) are now used in interior design and just looks so pretty with all that sparkle. West Elm's designers hand-picked these from Morocco and although their website says it's no longer available, I did see them in-store recently. {Buyer beware of the hefty price tag!}

Source: google.ie via Melissa on Pinterest


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  2. This posts leaves me speechless. It is stunning on so many levels. Would love to see some beautiful Bridal Dresses of 2015.


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