Feb 10, 2012

30 by 30

Source: flickr.com via Melissa on Pinterest

Last week I just got {this much} closer to the big 3-0. As much as I'd like to think that I'm still 22 inside, reality set in and I remembered there's still so much to do by next Feb. 4th! I do feel like a lucky duck though. I've accomplished a lot of my major goals by 29, but there's always room for more!

I compiled a list of 30 things to do by 30. I tried to be as realistic as possible. Some are small, attainable goals, and some I think might roll over to my 30 by 31 list.

1. Visit San Francisco

2. Copy a famous restaurant's dish at home
3. Wear these for more than an hour without crying that my feet hurt
Source: wanelo.com via Melissa on Pinterest

4. Find something fun to do to make extra $
5. Visit Los Angeles...again!
6. Paint a large masterpiece for my living room
7. Re-do my closet into a super-fab wonderland of awesomeness

8. Take a small road trip in my new car somewhere I've never been
9. Make a necklace, just for fun, just for myself
10. Visit a winery...even the local one about 30 minutes away
11. Refurbish a piece of furniture
12. Buy a BBQ
13. Attend some kind of social media seminar
14. Take more pictures {and video!} of my nephew
15. Complete my wedding album
16. Buy an iMac
17. Have a picnic
18. Take Domino to the dog park on a pretty day
19. Actually put something into my Savings Account
20. Build on my blog and personal brand
21. Plant some trees and work on my landscaping

22. Surprise my hubby with something totally unexpected
23. Swim with dolphins
24. Take my sister to a fashion show
25. Take another cooking class with my Granny
26. Host a dinner for my parents

27. Pay off my furniture/house credit card debt
28. Learn about wine and find my favorite
29. Style a photo shoot
30. Celebrate my 30th in a memorable way


  1. Love this post! As someone who recently turned 30 (and had a hard time leading up to it), I totally feel you! I love the idea of the 30 things to do list and yours is SUCH a great and diverse list! Even if you don't finish all of them, it'll be nice to get a few crossed off and then realize that when you actually do turn 30, you still have a chance to keep crossing them off b/c life is still just beginning. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy belated birthday! :)


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