Feb 13, 2012

Palette Pairings: I Scream for Sherbet

I realize that one of my favorite things to post about is color. I tend to obsess over new color trends in what seems like each week! And because one new commenter recently asked, I was inspired to start a weekly color themed post. Allow me to introduce you to: Palette Pairings! I don't yet have a designated weekday to commit, but I'll try this out for a while and see if it sticks. Here goes nothing!

We just got 1.5 days of what we Miamians call "Winter" and I'm already jonesing for Springtime! I think I'm ready for flowers and showers and fresh new palettes. I'm currently obsessing over sherbet colors and I can't wait to use this color scheme on my wardrobe, parties, design projects, and of course home decor! Picture pale pastels mixed with punchy brights. Pair this palette with neutrals like khaki, nude, olive, or gray, and you've got yourself a funky Palette Pairing!

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