Jan 18, 2012

Floral Fixation

Not really sure what came over me for this new year, but I am all in with florals lately. And I'm not even talking about the pretty pattern on clothing...I'm talking real plants, herbs, and flowers! After making a few cacti terrariums, I now want to stock up on pretty flowers to bring some more oxygen and life to my home. I have a bunch of empty vases that need some lovin'. It's too bad that my favorite flower in the universe (ranunculus) is so hard to find here because I would stuff my house with more vases if I could!
Source: flickr.com via Diane on Pinterest

Speaking of stuffing my house with vases...here are a few DIY vases I want to try to copy one day. Can you picture ranunculus bunches in them?


  1. Eeeek! I love ranunculus too. Such a gorgeous flower :)

  2. i am sucker for the mason jar! we even drink out of them..it's a southern thing we've adapted, i guess. and spray painted for flowers would be so cute! :) (trying to catch up reading your blog! miss u!)


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