Jan 16, 2012

DIY Terrarium #3

Walking into West Elm the other day, I was re-inspired by the beautiful terrarium set up they had. My sis was bit by the terrarium bug and wanted one, so we bought the large open face vase.

Practice makes perfect. This time I was prepared. I bought gloves to shield the cacti's stabbing, and I got some great tips from my cousin. She was so right--Putting the rocks above the soil made it so much easier to keep the plants in place. I went shopping for the prettiest cacti and succulents, and put it all together today. Here's my latest terrarium with white marble chips and a nice collection of 4 plants. Love this vase!

And this is me and my ponytail shopping for ideas at Home Depot. Next time, I'm hitting the local nurseries for a little more variety!

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