Dec 20, 2011

A Love for Calais

ZGallerie has the best lighting in all the land. Seriously, their lamps and chandeliers are the classiest numbers I've ever seen in a realistic price range. In looking for lighting for my dining room, I went back and forth between almost all of ZGallerie's options for months. I finally settled on a copycat that I will open on Christmas Day (WOO! Stay tuned for pics coming soon) but it was definitely not an easy decision. I racked my brain for months.

My #1 lighting love was the Calais. It's modern yet classic, has the nicest lines to accentuate its shape, and the color options are fab.

I wasn't able to find too many pics online of this chandelier displayed in other people's homes, so I guess that means it's also really unique! Have I sold you on it yet? No? Well guess what...It's on sale RIGHT NOW! There! :)

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