Dec 24, 2011

My DIY Terrariums

Success! I made my own succulent terrariums! My granny is obsessed with plants and flowers, so I found this tutorial and decided to try it out for her Christmas gift.

I bought a large assortment of succulents and cacti at Home Depot and was able to make two of these in less than an hour. I even have a few left over so I'll be scrambling for more vases to make some more.

Here's my granny's terrarium (don't mind the tacky bow--it will be removed tomorrow):

And here's mine. I already had a beautiful fishy vase and it's perfect for it!


  1. those are very good looking terrariums. I am also a big fan of cacti and succulents

  2. I love your terranium! I have the same fish bowl that I've filled up with wine corks.


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