Aug 3, 2011

XOXO for my new X Bench!

Score!!! I can't believe I ran into this cute lil benchy-bench on my lunch break today. Stopping by my closest HG for an accent table, I ended up with this instead! Here it is already placed in the master bathroom. {Please excuse my cheesy iPhone pics.}

 {ha! tags are still on too! oops.}

I know, I I go again with the same old X legs, the same old studs, and the same old chevron fabric. When I'm into something, I go full force. But how can I resist? It's perfect! I realized how important a vanity seat is in a bathroom when I'm standing in front of the mirror for an hour blow-drying my hair. {Girls, do ya feel me!?} A seat was necessary! This lil bench seat ties more green into the room and acts as a functional piece for laying out my jammies and giving my bum a stylish place to rest. Success!

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  1. Wow this is totally perfect for you, good find!


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