Aug 2, 2011

The Big 1

Is this the cutest munchkin-face you've ever seen??? I had a fun-filled weekend living it up for my baby nephew's 1st birthday. I can't believe a year ago we were visiting my sister at the hospital while trying to figure out how to hold a real live newborn for the first time. (I never had much practice with babies before He's been the perfect addition to the happiest year of my life! :)

We spent the birthday weekend soaking up the sun at Marco Island and stayed at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort where we had a little Dr. Seuss themed party for the birthday boy with our family. (He actually had 2 parties--this is the one at his grandparents' house!)

Note to self: Some babies are NOT fond of smash cakes!

Happy birthday squishy-face! Your tia loves you!

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