Aug 5, 2011

X Marks the Spot

Ok, my last post and purchase got me crrraaazy! When I was hooked on the X-shape craze last year, everything out there was way outta budget. But after I found my X-benchy-bench this week, I did some research and now there are tons of pieces of furniture that fit the bill. I'm definitely not over the X trend but if I put X's all over my house, it will look worse than a pirate's map. So YOU get them, please! They're all too cool to pass up :)

These are all from my go-to place and all really affordable.

I'm still looking for a pair of x-benches to place at the foot of the bed or under a console table like so:

These images via here.

If you like this look as much as I do, check out these x-benches in which you can switch out the fabrics to complement your room.
If you see any others out there at a good price, please tweet me!

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