Aug 9, 2011

Bed Linen Snob

I'm sleepy and dreaming about being in my bed sheets. So naturally, it's the perfect time to share my 2 favorite bedding loves with you.

I used to be loyal to jersey sheets when I was young and naive. Then I met organic cotton and kicked jersey sheets to the curb. THEN, I met Egyptian cotton and let's just say it was extra hard for me to get up in the mornings. And then I met these. Nothing fancy, no extra frills, bells, and whistles. Just a yummy magical fabric that all sheets should be made of, in my opinion.

My mom gave us these Charter Club sheets in plain old white as a wedding gift, along with a fancier Ralph Lauren set. Sorry Ralph, but your sheets will never stand a chance. I actually waited and waited for the best sale of the year to get another set in the same color at a crazy price because you just never know... {Oh no, what if my dryer destroys my first AND second sets??? And then they become discontinued and I'll never be able to find them again??? Ok, I might need to get a back-up for the back-up ASAP!}

My #2 bedding love is this deelish blanket from Hotel Collection. Putting the whole comforter set on and off each day got old reeeal quick. Plus, my duvet comforter is heavy and hot, and these days we need all the air my A/C can crank! This little blanket is light and airy, yet cozy and warm at the same time. At first I froze my buns off, but I got used it and now I love it! Plus, it's zigzag and I'm obsessed. I also got this one in white but that gray is looking real tempting as another back-up. {Can you imagine what my linen closet looks like?! I've got more linens than Anna!}

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