Aug 21, 2011

Weekend Discount Finds

Came across some awesome unplanned mega discounts this weekend--so exciting!

First stop, ZGallerie. I didn't know about any big sale but just went on a whim with my mom and sister. This Biscayne tray table was marked 50% off because it was slightly damaged. I couldn't pass up the deal, so I need to figure out how to get it fixed ASAP. This faux crocodile awesomeness will sit in a corner of my family room with a cool bar set on top. Just wait.

Then I went to Border's because they are going out of business and the entire store is 40%-60% off. I picked up a Feng Shui  book {so that I can learn a little more about how to balance energy in the home}, a Miami Beach coffee table book {with lots of fun vintage photos}, and The Happiness Project {which I've been meaning to read for some motivation}. All half off!

Finally, I stopped at Crate & Barrel to use my store credit I've had in my wallet since the wedding! I would have never thought about buying a cheese board until I realized I needed a place to cut cheese {hee-hee!}. I also bought a potted plant that would look awesome holding up my new books on my bookshelf! ALL FO' FREE! woo.

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