Aug 22, 2011

Two of a Kind

I was SO happy when I checked my new unread post from Centsational Girl today! Lookie here! She just finished her bedroom and it has the same look as mine! {OMG! Does that mean my BR is famous?!} Of course, mine doesn't really compare to her beautiful bedroom that has every finishing touch in its perfect place, but it looks like I'm headed in the right direction.



Gosh, that's a dark photo, but I'm pretty darn close huh?! She's got the real Devon mirror, but I'm so grateful for my knock off. Now I'm having a Color-Combo-Crisis. Everything in my BR has the same 3 colors: blue, white, and gray. I love that it makes you feel like you just wanna fall sleep with these soothing colors, but I need some contrast. Should I add a touch of a complimenting color like green or purple? Or should I go with something more bold, contrasting color like orange!? I wish I can ask Centsational Girl for advice! :)


  1. I say "Go Bold!" I love the orange idea . . . I know whatever you do it will turn out fabulous. Did I mention how much I love your headboard??

  2. orange! finally stopped by to catch up!! love the mirror! i just pinned one like it, but now that I see it in your room (which i LOVE) it might be too modern for my furniture. did you know our master is also painted a soothing blue? I need your help with that room. I can never decide what I like in there. :( GOOD JOB MELZ! Love it!


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