Aug 17, 2011

Little Something to Make your House Warmer

That's what my bestie said when I thanked her for the super thoughtful housewarming gifts she gave us this past weekend!

Someone obviously pays close attention to me and my blog but I wouldn't expect anything less from her. Nicky & Andy gifted us the Un Homme/Une Femme vases from CB2 that I recently gushed about! So smart! And also the cah-utest Oliver Martini glasses that now come in so 3 really cute themes! (Lemon, Cherry, and Olive). Olive-You, Oliver!

I couldn't decide where to hang up the Man & Missy so the hubby decided for me and it's perfect. Naturally, these should be displayed in a bathroom, so the most used downstairs half-bath is where everyone can see it! I tried real hard to find artificial flowers that look like the ones in this CB2 pic, but had no luck. Instead I went with green dried leaf puff balls to act as their big heads. Aren't they funny?! This isn't a great pic because the don't look like they stand out against the white walls. {OMG a light bulb just popped out of my head! Maybe I should paint them!?}

Thanks again homies!

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