Aug 15, 2011

Proud Copycat

This beeeeautiful mirror is from Z Gallerie. One of my favorite stores housing one of my favorite decor pieces. Price tag is $199 and although that doesn't seem like a really steep investment, it is for me--this girl's on a budget! It's a good thing I follow blogs that lend the best shopping tips because when I saw that both A la Mode and Dwellings by Devore posted about this mirror at HomeGoods for half the price, I freaked. I got like how I always get...obsessed! Had to run to all the HGs in my area to find it. One small problem: HGs don't all sell the same merchandise in each location, and both of these bloggers live out of state. Then I heard angels singing when I found it sitting up all by its lonesome self at the second HG I ransacked!

They say that mirrors in bedrooms break all the feng shui rules. I don't care, this one was perfect for the look I was going for and all these other rebels are just fine.

And here's another very similar version. See? Mirrors in bedrooms are A-OK!

Here's how it looks hung up in our bedroom.

Here's more Devon mirror inspiration.

And other HG mirror finds! Go get 'em!

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  1. LOVE your headboard! Room looks sophisticated but relaxing too : )


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