Jul 18, 2011

Productive Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. Cleaning, upkeeping, installing, building, drilling...all jam-packed into 2 days! We had a few good weekends off from housework but had to hit up the to-do list that kept building up. The new peephole was installed {can you believe we didn't have one?!}, my beautiful mirror was hung up {more on that to come soon}, and we deep-cleaned the heck out of the place for 5. Whole. Hours.

Then, the list tripled! Hubby had a dream that I made him take me to Ikea and I thought it was a GREAT IDEA! I took my 'Things to Get at Ikea' list {I have a list for everything} and didn't waste any time. As much as I love getting a good deal there, I really detest the drive, the mobs, and the ginormous receipt I end up with because I can't control myself. This time I beat the system. Ha!  

1. Expedit bookcase: I've been wanting a bookcase since before I moved in so that I can showcase a fun display. I decided on the Expedit because I wanted something cheap to be able to hack. We'll see how that goes...
2. Minut light: We have a bedroom that is just used for storage for right now. We had ripped off the fugly ceiling fan when we moved in but then realized that the light went with it. We wanted something simple to serve the purpose and this one was our best bet.
3. Kajsa curtains: I've gone to Ikea about 5 times in the last 3 months and have never come across these curtains. We have a very long pair of sliding glass doors in our home office and Ikea seemed to be the only place I was able to find an afforable alternative with a cool design at the length I needed. Perfect!
4. Fejka artificial plants: Stocked up on 3 artificial plants to spruce up some lonely bathroom vases.
5. Torka dried bouquet: These are for my beautiful floor vase given to us as a housewarming gift.
5. Lack shelves: Turns out they're too wide for the place I want to put them. So back to Ikea I go...dammit!


  1. I hate the drive too and the fact that everytime I go I manage to spend $100. I'm actually headed there tomorrow, I have list as well.

  2. Welcome to being a homeowner!!! The cleaning never ends... lol Love the stuff u got at ikea.. i have those faux plants in the kitchen :) good work!


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