Jul 21, 2011


I love rugs! Small kitchen rugs, patio rugs, but especially area rugs! They pull the room together and complete the look. I've been doing lots of research and it looks like rugs are used in every room of a home, even the homes that have beautiful hardwood floors. But how do they do it? Area rugs can cost a fortune--sometimes as much as a mortgage payment! After looking at a few websites with cheaper alternatives, I realized Tarjay really does have great looks at affordable prices! Here are some of my faves, all at about $150 or less! Click on the image for a closer look.

I jumped the gun and purchased one. I took advantage of the special going on now and got it at 15% off with free shipping! The price will never compare to any others. Once I receive it, I'll show you how it looks. Stay tuned...!


  1. Your posts always coincide with what I am looking for!

    So I have a rug problem. I've been through 3 rugs for my living room in the past 9 months. I always thought that the rug should be the first step in decorating a room, then all the other details center around the rug. That method is just not working out for me. Now that my living room is completely decorated, I feel like the design of the rug just doesn't fit the room. So once again, I'm in the market for a new rug.

    My first two rugs were from Target and my 3rd one was from Overstock.

    Overstock has some good ones.. This is the rug I'm hoping to make my 4th.


    What do you think Queen Bee? I need help!

    -Your cousin J

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG I can't believe u commented and on top of that asking for advice. You have made my day! First, I have to tell u, I have had that rug on my "save for later" list for months. I LOVE IT. I want to see your room though because since I've seen so many out there recently maybe I have other options for you. Send me a pic ASAP. <3


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