Jul 14, 2011

I found my new Martha

UGH! I'm so jealous of all these furniture refurbishers who are able to create a kick-ass piece of hidden awesomeness for just a few bucks. But SHE is my #1 favorite. She is...even better than Martha Stewart! {omg, did I just say that!} Check out the latest masterpiece she refurbished from an old, broken bamboo dresser she scored at a thrift store for just $25! I love that there's a possibility that there could be some history to this piece because of its age and it makes me daydream about where this little dresser was probably sitting and who owned it in its heyday. {...still daydreaming...} Anyway, a little peacock color paint and some lovin' turned into the most fab dresser I've ever laid my eyeballs on.

It still has its vintage feel but with just a brand new make-over. {my fave!}

I would love to see if maybe I can pull something like this off. But I've got 3 big problems:
#1. There are no real vintage furniture thrift stores in Miami {damn this young city!}
#2. I've never done anything like this in my life and I don't think I have the knowledge, patience, or cojones
#3. I'm a clutz. period.

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  1. Wow Melz, you really are too kind! Thank you so much for featuring my bamboo piece, I love it, so glad you do too!



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