Jun 14, 2011

My DIY Mirror Soul Mate

Love at first sight! I have found my mirror soul mate in the back of a HomeGoods waiting for me in a corner all dirty and alone. I first saw this mirror on the blog of DIY Genius, Centsational Girl, when she created her warm & welcoming sitting area. Her mirror is hung up all nice & pretty above the mantel, bringing a modern twist to her organic, natural theme. The mirror I found is much smaller but I had the perfect spot for it!
Although it looks beautiful in white, silver would look best in my space. It had black smudges of paint all over it and I didn’t like the look, so I scooped up some Rustoleum stainless steel spray paint and politely asked my Hubby do the dirty work {thanks for saving me from pointer-finger cramps!} I can't believe I found it, and I love how it turned out! It’s my favorite DIY project yet.

Check it out, hanging in all its glory. One day this console table nook will be filled with lots of other DIY fun-ness! :)

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