Jun 9, 2011

Getting Hives Isn't Always a Bad Thing

Gosh, what is it with me and my weird obsession with this pattern? It attracts me like honey to a bee! (sorry I had to...)

A buddy of mine wants to re-do her apt now that her tasteless roommate vacated the premises and I turned her on to West Elm's awesome sale going on now. Markdowns up to 70% off! {Disclaimer: They don't pay me to do this, but I can't help it. I love W.E.}

While shopping for her, I couldn't help but snatch this up for myself. The new Hive Vase had to be mine. It's so me. I got the stubby yellow one but I'm dyyyying to do a little display just like this with all the colors! Aren't they beautiful!? I'm thinking of putting a real plant in it in my effort to turn my thumb green!

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