Jun 7, 2011

'Foyer' Enjoyment

Foyer & Living Room

Here's the 'before' photo of the room {with my parents as subjects :) }
The foyer/living room is 2 stories tall and totally intimidated us at first. I really did NOT want to paint this room but the previous tenants made a ton of holes all over the place and they needed to be patched up. There was no possible way we could paint this room ourselves so we hired some help and chose 2 complimenting colors from Home Depot's Behr paint: Baked Biscotti and Smoked Umber. We had to add 100% more color to them so that it wouldn't look so light. Before it was a warm beige and now it's a purpley-grayish tone.

That ginormous window in the photo was a big issue. Anyone from the outside can see right in and I didn't want to spend a fortune on elaborate draping. We purchased cellular shades from the H.D.'s custom orders and case is now closed.

Here are the 'afters' with my cheesy drawings as a wish list.
The cocktail table, end table, and console table were the very first items I purchased for our home...about 2 months before we even knew we were closing! I fell in love with the X concept and hunted them down at the cheapest price out there (Overstock.com).

The sofa is the Tory from Macy's in Sage. I love the tufting and the color looks great with accent pillows from West Elm, Pier 1, and that little silver guy is from Home Goods (my absolute favorite stop for a bargain).

Square sconces (in which the Hubby painted silver), candle holders, and purple crocodile tray are from Z Gallerie during last year's Christmas sale! Polka dot vase is from Ikea.

This still feels a little too matchy-matchy to me so I'm dying to bring more eclectic-ness to this room (yes, I just made up that word...) So, my friends, any ideas??

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  1. i LOVE IT!!! and your little maps/diagrams. so melz. lol seriously, everything looks great so far and your ideas are great! i have the same ikea tall vase from ikea and i have artificial orchids in them. What do you think about purple orchids in yours, since the walls are greyish-purple tone? it will make the vase and the walls pop. :) keep it up girl..loving everything... xoxo


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