Jun 6, 2011

Mi Casa es Su Casa

I don't really know why I was holding back so much, but the more I stalk admire all these home decor/home reno blogs, the more I'm becoming a little more confident to show the blogosphere our new home! I think I'm ready... It is no where near being "done" because this will always be my very favorite work in progress for the rest of my life. I change my mind about things waaay too often.

So, here's our casa. It took about 8 months to call it ours. Nothing short about a Short Sale, I tell ya. But it is finally ours and we couldn't be happier! It was born in 2005 so it's pretty modern for the most part, but with all these cookie-cutter construction homes around here, a few parts of the house were built poorly. After a month of reno, we finally moved in and as you will see in the up-coming pics, we're not totally settled in yet but pretty darn close to it!

Please don't mind our cheesy first-time-home-buyer-key-turning picture. We were REALLY excited :) More to come soon!

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