Jan 3, 2011

Wedding Reviews: Meilan Limo, A

We booked our transportation with Meilan, mostly because I fell in love with the 1959 Platinum Rolls Royce Phantom. We were deciding between Padrino's and Meilan. The prices were pretty much the same, but Meilan's name is everywhere. We met with Gilbert and he gave us a tour of all the cars they have parked at their home office/garage/warehouse. He explained what the package included in detail. I just had one requirement--that the A/C would work. When my sister booked them for her wedding 6 years ago, the A/C wasn't working and the car reeked of gasoline. Gil assured us that it wouldn't happen again and we signed the dotted line.

The driver arrived at our hotel on time and he was really sweet. He helped me with my dress, served us our champagne, and told us some jokes. We were happy with our experience with Meilan.

P.S. This is my dad in the photo, not the limo driver :)

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  1. A dreamy car for your dream wedding! You deserve every bit of luxury that will make you feel very special on your big day. I’m glad you found all the right package to make it all come true. You look like royalty coming out of that fantastic car in your wedding gown. Cheers!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limousine of Indianapolis


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