Jan 3, 2011

Wedding Reviews: All About You by D.C., C

Preface: I will write this review from my behalf only. I know that my bridesmaids have other opinions but I'll keep this review JUST about MY hair experience.

I must have called about 10 hair stylists for my wedding date. Either my date was reeeeally popular or I waited too long to book. One lady even laughed at me on the phone when I told her October 23! I called in early July. Deborah from All About You by D.C. was referred to me and she was available! I immediately booked a trial with her on a day that I had another wedding to attend. I brought a picture of a style I wanted and asked her to copy it as best she could. 2 hours later it wasn't done and I was running out the door {in the rain!}. The hair-do wasn't at all what I expected it to be. A couple of hours later it had fallen apart. After explaining my worries to her, she assured me that for the wedding she would use the right product and pins to make it look like the picture. I was hesitant but gave her the full deposit for myself and all the bridesmaids anyway.

Fast forward to October 23. It was hectic and we were running behind on schedule. But somehow by the miracle of holy wedding angels in heaven, my hair came out exactly as I wanted. Thank you wedding angels!!! And it actually kept up all night too! But all this uncertainty and drama was not something I would want for another bride-to-be. If the trial doesn't go as you expect, do whatever you need to do to remove all those unnecessary doubts from your mind.


  1. I am so glad you had such a great hair experience!! Mine was flipped around actually; my trial was gorgeous, my day of hair not so much :) Well it was OK but not exactly what I had in mind! I suppose at the end of the day, those things don't matter though right? Happy New Year gorgeous friend!! XO

  2. Glad that you had an amazing experience. It is important to have an all natural look on the wedding dresses. This will be a good look as it will never go out of style.


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