Jan 3, 2011

Wedding Reviews: Plymouth Congregational Church, A

I looked at a few churches for our ceremony, but made my decision pretty quickly with Plymouth Congregational Church. My sister and bro-in-law were married here in 2004 and I wanted to keep the tradition going. The pros outweighed the cons:

  1. It's non-denominational. Both the hubby and I don't have our confirmations, and we're not very Catholic anymore
  2. Affordable in comparison to other churches in the area
  3. Small and intimate (something I wanted)
  4. GORGEOUS and historic
  1. The location wasn't really close to the reception location
Geri, the wedding coordinator, was easy to communicate with and she was very organized. We booked our date over a year in advance and she kept us updated with what was needed throughout the whole year. Susan, the day-of coordinator, was also very professional and helpful. I begged my photographer to take photos of us in front of the big black doors that I love so much. The ceremony was only about 20-30 minutes (although it felt like 12 years!). After the ceremony, we rang the church wedding bells. It was perfect.

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