Jan 3, 2011

Wedding Reviews: Flower Girl Dress, ?

After finding my favorite bridesmaid dress, I thought it would be easy to find something similar for my Flower Girl. Well, it ain’t that easy. Did you know that FG dresses are sometimes $100+? She’s two—she doesn’t need a prom dress! Just something small, adorable and cute just like her! Thank goodness for her mom who is Mrs. Helpful! She searched online and found the most perfect dress for less than $50!

This dress is from a FG-only website and they have tons of varieties at really affordable prices. It had a plum flower sash that kinda went with my little flower theme I had going on. The order was placed, but unfortunately there were some delay issues. Ms. Helpful tried her best to not involve me in the issues (which I am thankful for!), so I’m not really sure what to rate them. All I know is that the dress arrived about a week and a half before the wedding and it looked great—Although I think the model should take all the credit! Mrs. Helpful made the super-cute flower headband and picked out her adorable shoes.

Maybe Mrs. Helpful should rate this website instead…sorry!

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