Jan 3, 2011

Wedding Reviews: Crafty Eddy, A

I wanted something unique for table numbers. I had seen something that sparked my interest on my idol’s website once and I tried to figure out how I can copy it for my wedding. It involved woodwork and spray paint, but I never took Shop in high school so I was doomed. After searching online, I found Crafty Eddy. Google him and you’ll find tons of positive reviews on his work. I sent him an e-mail asking if what I wanted could be done, and he responded back within seconds—and each time after that too! He definitely must have his smart-phone on him at all times! He created the table numbers out of wood at such an affordable price. Although I have no idea what wooden numbers really even cost, at $2 it was a bargain for me. Then I went a little wood-crazy and I decided to order the monogram cake topper and “Mr. & Mrs.” display as well! I chose the fonts, the size and the thickness that I wanted. Ed shipped my items the very next day! However, be very careful handling the package—A couple of numbers arrived broken. I informed Ed, and he immediately shipped another package free of charge. His customer service was fabulous and my wooden pieces came out great!

Here’s how my hubby created the DIY table numbers and “Mr. & Mrs.” display:

  1. We requested from Ed to make the numbers flat on the bottom so that they can stand up on their own. This still didn’t make me feel comfortable enough that the numbers would stay up during the festivities, so we glued thin, round wooden bases to the bottoms. We found the bases at Michael’s, and it was imperative that we use Liquid Nails glue.

  2. Spray paint the numbers. They will need 2+ coats of paint.

  3. Let dry and handle with care.

DIY steps for the cake topper:

  1. Spray paint the monogram. It will need 2+ coats of paint.

  2. Let dry completely for a day or more.

  3. Use rhinestones with adhesive backs to adhere to the monogram (also purchased at Michael’s). Use different sizes of rhinestones to fill in all gaps.

  4. Let sit and handle with care.

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