Jan 5, 2011

Wedding Reviews: Ana Paz Cakes, A

Ha! This is a funny story. Back in 2007, I found my dream cake. {Yup, that long ago…when a wedding was no where near the topic of conversation} I’m nuts. I saw it on a ‘Today Throws a Martha Stewart Wedding’ segment and stalked the designer. It was a Gail Watson fondant cake with sugar ribbons sitting in different directions on four round layers. Perfection. I saved it on my computer for “a rainy day”.

I was able to get this cake of my dreams, thanks to Ana Paz Cakes! The cake was included in my venue package, however the options that were deemed as “free” were… let’s just say they were less than modern. So when I chose my own design, it did cost a little more. But with all the details and extras that I added to it, the price was not bad at all. Two of the four layers were dummy, one layer was chocolate, and the other layer was their famous vanilla. I don’t think the cake ended up tasting as great as the taste test we had in the beginning, but it looked really nice and just like the picture I brought her.

Ana was sooo sweet {pun intended} and she has great ideas. She knows everyone in the business because she’s been around for years and years. I heard from a bride-to-be friend of mine that my cake made it to her picture book of cakes! OMG IT’S FAMOUS!!

The only issue I had was that she was only available for appointments one day a week for just a couple of hours. But, once I was there, I never had to wait. FYI, she is now only based out of the Doral location.

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