Jan 27, 2011

Book Love

It’s pretty safe to say that I’m slightly obsessing over coffee table books at the moment. Only thing is that I don’t have a freaking coffee table yet. But when I do get one, you better believe there will be some nice looking books sitting on it! I’ve picked up a few recently that I know I will be so proud to display. I’ve purchased them all on sale, because well, coffee table books can be so darn expensive!

I picked this one up at Anthropologie for just $20. The girl at the register couldn’t believe it was on sale and she keep reminding me what a great book this was. Made me want it even more! Rebecca Moses, fashion designer, shares how to develop your own personal style with wit and humor. The register girl was right—it’s awesome!

I’ve been wanting this book since it first came out and the magazine was still in production. Unfortunately, the magazine folded, but I never forgot about this book. Although it’s already a couple years old, it’s still a very popular hot topic on all the home décor blogs and still sold all over the place at regular price! But I found this little treasure at Marshall’s for only $20...SCORE! It made my Thursday last week :) LOTS of inspiration and tips for the home designing addiction I now suffer from.

Don’t judge me—I still love Lauren. The girl’s got style and this book is sooo fun. She gives tons of advice from how to style your hair, to how to pack your luggage, and a zillion things in between. But the best part are the pretty pictures, of course. This one’s also from Marshall’s for just $13.

Another design goodie about Vera Neumann, design legend from the 60’s. This one was just $10 at West Elm!

I acknowledge the fact that this future coffee table will need some guy-ness incorporated into it since it will be OURS not MINE, so I gotta get the this one for the Hubbs. Jay-Z Decoded. He would LOVE it. :)

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