Feb 2, 2011

Click and Flip the Page

Something really cool made my day yesterday. I have been anticipating the arrival of the premier issue of a magazine like no one’s business! Two things about me you must know: #1. I love magazines. All my life I’ve wanted to work for a magazine (and hey, I kinda-sorta do now!). And #2. I have this horrible addiction to décor and interiors nowadays…it’s sick. Yesterday, my 2 favorite things came to digital life. Please hurry and check out High Gloss Magazine A.S.A.P. Ok, I know it’s not a real tangible magazine, but it’s the latest craze in the Publishing world these days…unfortunately. As real magazines continue to fold with this sucky economy, former editors have joined forces to create digital magazines to fill our void. Thanks former editors!

High Gloss features beautiful interiors, trendy décor, and fashion. Here are some of my favorite pages.

Lonny Magazine is also a favorite. It launched last year and has become extremely popular in the blogging world.

Will it be the same to now stalk my inbox, rather than my mailman for new issues? Maybe not, but at least these editors are still gracing us with their talent! Phew!

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