Dec 16, 2010

Wedding Reviews: Daisy Tarsi, A

Disclaimer: In no way are my reviews in order of importance or rating. I'm just selecting vendors to review at random. :)

I know it sounds like I've mentioned this for each review so far but THIS is one of my very favorite things about the whole wedding, I swear! I. LOVED. MY. DRESS. But I was definitely not one of those lucky brides who just walks into a bridal shop, finds the first dress to try on, and instantly falls in love. It worked a little backwards for me. About 6 months before the question was popped, I was strolling on Miracle Mile with my sis and I saw "the one" in the window. It was perfect, but of course I had no need for it at the time. Fast-forward 6 months later and it was now time to find "the one". It was no easy feat. I went to a gazillion bridal shops, tried on all sorts of styles, and nothing gave me "that feeling" everyone always talks about. So I went back to that shop where I first saw "the one" and it was there! Only Daisy Tarsi sold this Enzoani gown in Miami. MaryEllen helped me try this puppy on and that's when I heard the angels sing! I had a few issues with the fit, but MaryEllen had the best solution. We had it made to look just like it, but with all of the specs that would fit my body best. We chose the perfect lace, cut, scalloped detail, and the best part of all...I was able to keep the original Enzoani flower sash! I swear I've been holding myself back from wearing that sash to sleep!

Every fitting after that went really well. Monica, the seamstress, is a wedding-gown-genius! She listened to all my requests, took notes, and with each fitting it kept getting better and better! The staff is helpful and gave great advice. I just wish that they had more appointment options at the end of the day (fittings always needed to be booked in the mornings during the week). All in all, I'm just grateful that I was able to get the dress of my dreams made-to-order!


  1. Melz, you dress is gorgeous!! i loved all the details... can you use the sash to create a pillow or something to remember it by?? It fit you like a glove!

  2. Eeeep!! I love the white!!! So pretty!! Even though our gowns were the same they both looked so different :) You looked gorgeous!!! xo


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