Dec 20, 2010

Wedding Reviews: Hotels

The Mutiny Hotel Coconut Grove: C

I had originally booked The Mutiny Hotel in Coconut Grove for all of the girls to get ready and also for our honeymoon night. It was the best price I found but I was never really happy about it. We were 17 in total = 8 bridesmaids, my mother, mother-in-law, hair stylist, 2 make-up artists, 2 photographers, a videographer…and a partridge in a pear tree (oops, sorry my Christmas spirit came out). When I started to really think about it, there was NO POSSIBLE WAY that everyone would fit in that suite. We went back to look at the larger suite, but it really wasn’t much bigger and the price was now double! I didn’t think the hotel overall was really worth it. I admit I’m a hotel snob but seriously, it needs some updating.

The Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove: A+

So, my MOH/sister recommended we just check out the Ritz Carlton’s suite. All I could think is how much more that would cost, but to our surprise it was the best bang for the buck! The suite was GINORMOUS! All of us fit comfortably to get ready that day. We dealt with a really nice front desk employee named Marcelo, who showed us all around the hotel and gave us access to see the suite. He then referred us to a really-really nice woman named Dana who booked our reservations. She was flexible and gave us options for saving money on extra nights which was unheard of from The Mutiny. They seemed so excited for us that we chose them for our honeymoon night, which made me feel special. When we got back that night, we found chocolate covered strawberries and our bed covered in rose petals in a heart shape! So cute and unexpected! We called the Mutiny back to cancel our previous reservations and they gave us such a hard time. Let’s just say I had to get a doctor’s note in order to cancel. In the end, I did get my money back but it was a hassle that I didn’t need to deal with right before the wedding.

The Hyatt Regency Miami: B

The guys wanted a room to get ready and do whatever they do to prep for a wedding. (Which obviously involves beer!) The wedding coordinator at the Miami Tower recommended this hotel and when we called, they gave us a great price. We reserved the Miami Suite for the guys, but since I didn’t get a chance to stay here, read a review from one of the groomsmen below:

“The Hyatt Regency Miami was an ideal hotel for the groom to gather with his groomsmen. The suite provided more than ample room for nine guys to prepare for the big event, with a lovely sitting area, large closet to store the tuxedos, and an iPod dock for our enjoyment. The scenic backdrop of the gorgeous downtown Miami skyline and the Miami River made our time there special. Hyatt is renowned for their exceptional service, and they certainly didn't fall short this time. When I needed to print a very important document, I called the front desk and the agent immediately provided her email address so I could email it to her for printing. She had it ready for me in a few minutes, and didn't charge for the service. At the end of the night, it was very quick and easy to get to the hotel directly from the Miami Tower. The Hyatt Regency was a magnificent place to end a very memorable day.”

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