Dec 29, 2010

Wedding Reviews: Elegance in Ice, A

I wanted a "wow factor", but couldn't justify the expense. I researched my buns off on photo booths, donut stations, ice cream stands, exploding firework centerpieces, you name it. I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much on that little extra touch for just 4 hours. I always liked the idea of a vodka ice luge (first time I saw it was on a cruise), and I thought people would get great use out of it...SUCCESS! I found Elegance in Ice online. Don't be fooled by its barely developed website with outdated pictures. The owner, Ed Tillotson, offered the best price and was extremely flexible about my design. Yup, I designed it! The luge brings colored lights, a drip tray, and bottle holders (but I used them to hold my pretty flowers instead!), and also included delivery.

I think my guests had a lot of fun with it. Those shots did not stop! And it wasn't hard on the eyes either!

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