Dec 29, 2010

Wedding Reviews: The Wedding Shoppe, A

I loved my bridesmaid dresses. I wish I had bought one for myself. I had 3 requirements:
1. a chiffon flowy style to make my 3 preggo bridesmaids feel comfortable
2. a variety of styles in the same fabric so that my MOH can have a different look
3. HAD to be plum/eggplant

I finally fell in love with Bari Jay's 641 for the bridesmaids and 649 for my MOH. I made one of my BMs try it on at a local bridal shop and got a quote that was pretty average in bridesmaid dress prices. But thankfully my cousin brought it to my attn that it's also available on tons of websites for about $40 cheaper! Wedding Shoppe, Inc. had the best price. A flat rate, no shipping costs, no tax! However, I was EXTREMELY hesitant to purchase such an important thing online. I was risking that the dresses get lost, arrive late, arrive in the wrong sizes or styles. I harassed the poor customer service rep, Angi, but she was so sweet and assured me that it would be fine. And it was! The dresses arrived safe and sound and they were packaged perfectly! Now the alterations were a different story (she gets a D-!) but that's neither here nor there.

If you're hesitant to buy your bridesmaid dresses online rather than at your local bridal shop like I was, give it a shot. My bridesmaids saved a nice chunk of money and we were happy. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:
  • Read the online shop's reviews
  • Ask a ton of questions. Don't feel bad, that's what they're there for
  • Make sure you order all your dresses together in 1 complete order so that they are cut from one fabric. Otherwise, you'll risk the color being a little different.
  • Save $ on shipping to one address (yours!)
  • Make sure you fully inspect the dresses upon arrival. Sometimes, any issues will need to be addressed within just a few days
  • Read and re-read your contract and make sure you agree to all terms and conditions


  1. i'm thinking of ordering my wedding dress from them. if you don't mind me asking, what was the issue with the alterations?

  2. Well, the bridesmaid dresses are really beautiful. I am interested on ordering dresses from them too.

  3. Purple color is looking very beautiful for Wedding Dress. I really like your sharing, thanks!


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