Dec 7, 2010

Honeymoon Cruise: Port #4 Capri, Italy

Ahh, the Isle of Capri…my ultimate favorite location we visited. Our ship actually docked in Naples but we weren’t really interested in going there. I didn’t hear great things about Naples, and only heard wonderful things about Capri, so our minds were set! We decided not to book a Shore Excursion and hopped on the ferry at the Naples station and off we went, sailing for a whole hour to Capri! Again, English isn’t widely spoken here and the signage wasn’t very tourist-friendly, but after a while we finally figured it out. From the Grande Marina on the island, we took a crazy bus to Capri. This was the scariest bus ride I’ve ever taken—imagine squeezing through teeny-tiny streets with pedestrians all over the place, and cars coming at you all at the same time! I swear, lives were almost lost!

Capri is a dream. It’s full of beautiful, fancy buildings with all the top luxury stores and cute little gelato stands. Here is where I bought my handmade leather Caprese sandals and had a fabulous pizza lunch!

It gets even better! From Capri we hopped on another dangerous crazy bus to Anacapri. Then from there, we took the chair lift to the tippy-top of the island mountains. We had no idea what it was or where to go, but somehow we were directed to turn around, squat, and sit on the fast-moving wooden chair lift that only had an old metal bar to hold us in! I admit, I was praying for my life all the way up on that chair lift, but it was sooo worth the fear when we finally arrived at the top and saw the view. This was the most amazing site—so serene and beautiful.

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