Dec 6, 2010

Honeymoon Cruise: Port #3 Rome, Italy

Our ship docked in Civitavecchia, a gateway city to Rome. We splurged on a Shore Excursion to tour Rome, and it was the best thing we ever did. We took a 10-hour tour to Vatican City and visited the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Piazza San Pietro, and St. Peter's Basilica. We got a true escorted experience with our tour guide, Carla. It was hard not to be mesmerized by what she was teaching us about ancient Rome. Then we made a pit stop at a local Italian restaurant, and back to business again to tour the Colosseum before returning back to the ship. We learned so much in those 10 hours, you would think that we'd be drained but to be honest, it didn't even feel that long, and we weren't even that tired! I'd re-visit Rome again in a heartbeat. I still feel like there is so much we didn't get to see!

Oh, and the last thing I want to mention about Rome (or really Europe in general) is that I cannot BELIEVE how much graffiti there is everywhere. It's consumes the entire city but I guess the Italians are just used to it. We were in shock, and someone even asked the tour guide about it, and she simply said that the police has just "given up". It's much ancient history in this city and it's being vandalized on a daily basis.

Oh one more thing, pizza is extraordinary in Italy--it's true!

Ok, I'm done :)

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