Jul 21, 2009

Now you see them...Now you DON'T!

I wouldn't mind living in a haunted house if it meant I can have these ghostly items. They are the ever-so-fabulous Louis Ghost Chairs created by French superstar designer Philippe Starck, who also designed the incredible Viceroy Miami Spa. Lately, I've been really into the clear glass/acetate/plastic look for furniture, glassware, lamps, etc. My little obsession for this has grown into a nightly search for the nicest clear items I can find. I understand this may be just a fad that will disappear in a snap of a finger, but for now it keeps me entertained.

This is the famous Louis Ghost Chair

Here is where I first fell for them. Martha Stewart Throws a Today Show Wedding 2007
Examples of interiors using different types of Ghost Chairs
A Ghost Table

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  1. those are so fresh and clean looking . i like them, a lot! i wonder how comfortable they are?hhmmm


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