Jul 22, 2009

Hungry Girl!

Now that I'm left to fend for myself until August 2nd when my parents return from their vacay, I'm trying to get inspired to cook. Cooking has never really been my thing. I remember taking a cooking class one Summer, but I just considered it another opportunity to play with my food. Now that I'm getting older and my metabolism is getting slower, cooking my own food in my own way should be a top priority. I lost my first 10 lbs. on Weight Watchers in 2007 (and have yet to gain them back by the way) and I owe it mostly to Hungry-Girl. Her team creates the yummiest recipes and gives you the WW points per portion for each meal. My favorite part is when she compares a famous high-caloric meal to her own version of it.

Here is one recipe I tried out last night. Super easy, just 5 points, and most importantly, made my boyfriend say "YUM!" (It looked just like this picture--I swear!)

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