Jul 7, 2009

Move Out of the Way, Ikea! There’s a New Home Store in Town!

Last night I was skimming through my sister’s CB2 catalog and just thought to myself, “Boy, I wish I can fly out to Chicago to visit CB2 in person!”

This afternoon I was walking over to David’s Café for a cafecito on my lunch break while talking to my boyfriend on the trusty iPhone, when I almost died. No, there was no car running me over for a parking spot, or a mugger trying to snag my MK purse…I almost died from the excitement! This huge sign was posted on the construction site right behind the Café!

If you’re not familiar with CB2, please go here and skim through the pages and pages of awesome-ness. CB2 is Crate & Barrel’s affiliate and carries over C&B’s smart designs, clever items, and affordable prices in FURNITURE! I have searched through their website for years and I never thought this day would come when they would open a location in the MIA. CB2 started off in Chicago and has slowly moved into SoHo NYC, LA, and San Fran. I’m so glad they’re tapping into the southeast market! Depending on the performance in Miami, CB2 will consider opening another one or two locations in South Florida (crossing my fingers and toes for Aventura Mall!). The 15,200 sq. ft. store is expected to open in November at 845 Lincoln Rd.
Here are a few images from their catalog to tickle your fancy!
Go on, get click-happy!

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  1. CB2 is a little too modern for me. but its right up your alley! they do have some CUTE stuff to look at! lucky lucky. I haven't even been to IKEA yet and they opened one in Charlotte this Spring...should put it on my summer to do list!


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