Jul 7, 2009

Mission Complete: DIY Re-painted Mirror

Can you tell I'm feeling crafty lately? My latest DIY project: Turning this brassy little $6 mirror into a shabby chic white one! After hitting up every Marshalls and Target in Miami and failing to find what I really wanted, I had no choice but to get this one and paint it. My bro-in-law actually did the painting for me last night (Thanks Al!). I still have the urge to continue updating and re-doing! Hmm...what's next?!

I'm really starting to think that I can update lots of different things myself, rather than dishing out crazy cash for it at retail prices. And it looks like I'm not the only one with these thoughts! I've come across SO MANY other blogs with DIY instructions and it all seems pretty easy. (Check out Design*Sponge for ideas). Besides, isn't it more meaningful when you can actually say you made it yourself?

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  1. it's super!!! and btw, i loved your revamp of the vanity chair. sooo darling my friend! you're getting domesticated....where's the ring nelson?! lol


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