Jul 3, 2009

Friday Faves: You're So Vain

In honor of my new vanity seat, I have compiled a fun collection of some bedroom vanities to make you WISH you were that vain. I'm all for bathroom vanities that just include a sink, mirror and storage because simpler IS better. But for the single girl who doesn't need to share room space with a boy, a bedroom vanity is just so...glam!

It all started during the early century Hollywood era. Notice the mirrored furniture. This is still a classic piece found at any trendy home store!
Current vanity styles. Makes you just want to sit in your robe and apply mascara, doesn't it?
And of course, the one who has it all-Carrie Bradshaw also showcases her own mirrored vanity set in her non-existent spacious NYC rent-controlled apartment.

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