Jul 13, 2009

Cuppy-Cake Obsession

Once upon a time, many moons ago (a.k.a. last Summer) I wanted to start my own cupcake business. I had read a success story in my FIU Alumni Newsletter of a woman who majored in Business Admin and opened up her own cupcake shop and it became very profitable. After doing some research, it looked more promising for me to become a cupcake critic instead!

For my sister's birthday this weekend, I ordered some of Misha's Cupcakes and I might have enjoyed it a little too much (I give them an A). She also got the new Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book. It's incredible what this lady can do! She's my idol! (A+++)
These are some awesome cupcakes images and recipes I have collected over the past year. I give them all an A+ solely based on their looks!

Cookie Monster (a real cookie inside!)

Flower bouquet
Pool table balls
Cake pops!
iPhone cupcakes
Sheep & lion cupcakes
Super Mario
Pretty stackables
Sharks and sand
The fries are actually sugar cookie slices! Burgers are all cupcakes!
A margarita recipe!
Tiny buds

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  1. My favorite of those cupcakes are the cake pops! The creator was on the MS show once! BTW, Martha is re-airing her CUPCAKE week special this week! :)


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