Jul 14, 2009

Bring on the Happies! :)

Today seems like the perfect day to spread the happies. For some reason, happiness was the topic of about 5 of my conversations today with 5 different people! Weird...

A co-worker informed me of a project she has stirring up. She is a strong believer that if you're happy and spread happiness, great and happy things will come your way. She has made an Inspiration Board and each time she finds something that makes her happy, she tacks it on. Being the jaded skeptic that I am, I didn't give it much thought at first. But then I figured, WHY NOT? I can use a little happy in my life.

I recently stumbled upon The Happiness Project and thought I would give it a shot. You can create a profile and start your own custom "Happiness Toolbox" to make changes in your life, set goals, keep them, and it will in turn boost your happiness. The project offers 8 tools and one of them includes making an inspiration board! I think I'll try it--I like the constant reminder of letting things go and JUST BE HAPPY.

My good friend Erika just blogged about the 10 things that make her happy. (Such a coincidence! Is this a sign?) Here are my 10 happies in no particular order:
1. My pup (especially after she gets a cute haircut)
2. InStyle magazine
3. My boyfriend's jokes and cologne
4. Every type of cheese
5. New York City
6. Jewelry
7. Saturday shopping rituals with my sister
8. Blogs
9. Gossiping with the besties
10. The anxiety/excitement right before taking a vacation

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